For a number of years, Jerry has provided customized group workshops as well as individualized retirement planning sessions for employees at the Legislative Assembly who are close to retirement. These sessions have proven to be invaluable in assisting the Legislative Assembly in its succession planning as well as in providing personal assistance to our employees and their families during a time when they are making sometimes difficult retirement decisions. The feedback from Jerry's sessions has been outstanding, with employees expressing total satisfaction with Jerry's knowledge and ability to give personalized straightforward, understandable advice tailored to individual situations. I highly recommend Jerry's services.

Ellice Schneider
Director Human Resources
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia


Our city retains Jerry to deliver pension and retirement planning workshops designed to educate our employees on their valuable pension benefit. We felt this investment would serve the District well by educating our staff on a major benefit to being employed with West Kelowna. We also provided individual counselling sessions to qualified employees.
The services were VERY well received by staff!!!! The value to the city in generating good will as well educating our staff on one of our largest employee benefit costs was immeasurable. With the ageing workforce continuing to grow, we will certainly have Jerry back again.

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City of West Kelowna
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Jerry Woytack provides advice and pension counseling to members of the BC Excluded Employees Association (BCEEA). His expertise and personal service assists members in making the right choices for their retirement income security. We have had great success and high satisfaction from our members with this service.

Liz Gilliland
Executive Director
BC Excluded Employees Association